Ready to sew? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned sewer, exploring a fabric store in New Zealand is an adventure that can be both thrilling and overwhelming. To make the most of your next visit, the key is to master the art of navigating a fabric store. In this blog post, we'll provide some tips and tricks for navigating a fabric store like a pro, including suggestions for finding affordable yet quality fabrics!

Research Before You Go

It's a good idea to do the groundwork before heading out to a fabric store. By researching the website for information about products such as detailed descriptions, photos and any current sales can save you a lot of time. You also know what to expect before you step through the door! 

Know What You Want

Make a list of the types of fabrics, trims and notions you need for the project you are working on and choose materials accordingly. At The Fabric Shop, we offer a variety of fabrics from  linen fabrics, pacific print fabrics, printed rayons, merino fabrics, cotton fabrics and so much more. If you want to save valuable time and money, having a clear idea of what you need for the project is the way to go! It will avoid you from getting sidetracked by unnecessary items. (Although a Pro may tell you being side tracked in a fabric store is inevitable!). 

Ask for Help

We get it, it can often be overwhelming to start a new project without knowing which fabrics to choose. We suggest you walk around the store and choose a few fabrics that "speak to you". Also, just ask for help! If you can give one of our friendly team members a starting point, we can give you the guidance you need. Whether this be building around the fabrics you have picked out or guiding you to specific items in the store that we know will work for your project. 

Take Your Time

Don't rush through a fabric store. Arrive early and take your time browsing the fabrics and considering your options. Consider the texture, colour, and pattern of each fabric. It can be worthwhile taking away swatches or bringing in your material from home to help with colour matching. 

Check for Quality

When shopping for fabrics, it's important to inspect them properly for any flaws or defects.  After all, you want the fabric you choose to be high-quality and perfect for your project, right? At The Fabric Shop, we're passionate about offering customers only the quality fabrics.
And if there happens to be a defect, this should be written clearly on the ticket and the price marked down accordingly. And don’t worry, if anything appears while cutting we will always point this out to you and offer you extra fabric to accommodate for the defect.

How Can You Find Affordable Fabric?

Something we often come across is people wondering how to snap up a bargain! If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! We pride ourselves on offering hard to beat prices in New Zealand. But if you’re looking for a further bargain, another option is to buy fabric remnants. These are leftover pieces of fabric from the roll. Our remnant bin is a great place to dig through as you’ll find some absolute gems! Another option is to shop our weekly sales online. Here you will find all the best bits at affordable prices,  a great place to grab yourself a bargain.

Best Place to Buy Fabrics Online in NZ

Now that you know how to navigate a fabric store effectively, you may be wondering where to find affordable fabrics online. If you’re a savvy shopper and prefer to shop online in NZ or from overseas; The Fabric Shop ships throughout New Zealand, Australia and to the Tropics. We have new stock arriving weekly, so there is always something for everyone. You can find some of the best fabrics online with us!

So make the most of your next trip to The Fabric Shop by following these tips and tricks and create something beautiful! Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, there are lots of options for finding affordable fabrics with The Fabric Shop! 

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