We live in a digital world, and buying fabrics NZ-wide online has quickly become popular and convenient for those who love to use their sewing skills at home. You may have years of experience on the sewing machine, or perhaps you are just learning the ropes - or threads! Either way, purchasing fabric online broadens the range of fabrics you can source.

If you are new to the world of online fabric NZ shopping or need help connecting with the best ways to find the types of materials that you need for a particular project, you should keep reading.

We have compiled a list of points you should consider before you launch yourself at the internet in search of great fabrics NZ-wide. 

Research Reputable Online Stores

Web safety is the first thing you want to consider when purchasing fabrics online. Unfortunately, many online sites may not be as good as they appear. So be web savvy and research to ensure that the shop you are considering buying from is a reputable supplier.

Checking whether the payment portal is secure, reading a few descriptions to ensure they are well-written and checking that the range seems priced according to current market values will allow you to make a judgement call regarding the site's reliability.

Another great way to discover the best online fabric NZ stores is to read customer reviews. Look for feedback regarding the fabric's quality, accuracy of descriptions, and the store's overall customer service.

Consider Composition & Care

A reputable fabric NZ website will likely have great information about the types of fabrics recommended for the various projects their customers might be looking to start.

Each fabric on the site should have a list showing you what the material is composed of. For example, you may discover a 100% Linen fabric, a cotton/elastane blend or a polycotton fabric in the colour you are searching for. 

Pay attention to the guidance on the site so that you pick the right fabric for the job; each has a different level of durability and a distinct look and feel. The other important factor here is the care instructions.

You must understand how the fabric must be treated in the laundry to decide which material is best. You don’t want to make something you will wear every day to exercise to be constructed from Dryclean Only fabric!

Sample Service

Requesting samples from a fabric NZ online store is a great way to avoid disappointment when your package arrives. Ordering fabric samples allows you to touch the fabric, feel its weight and texture and ensure that the stretch or colour is what you are looking for.

Finding a fabric NZ online supplier that is open to sample requests makes the process much more stress-free - remember, you may need to plan ahead if you are looking at completing a project by a specific date.

Check Sizing and Measurements

Ordering the correct amount of fabric is essential; you don’t want to get halfway through cutting out your pattern only to discover you don’t have enough material left to put a second sleeve on your garment!

When you are ordering fabric online, be sure to pay close attention to the measurements provided on the website - especially if you end up ordering from overseas. Check whether the material is prone to shrinkage and adjust your order if you need to make allowances to cater for this.

Be Adventurous!

If you have stuck to making plain cotton garments, it may be time to branch out. Spend time on a good website exploring all the wonderful fabric options available. Use the filters provided on the website to explore other fabrics that may be suitable for your project.

Research denim, chambray, silks and linens as alternatives to the basic fabrics - you can make something wonderfully original!

Fabric NZ Refunds & Exchange 

Another important point to research before you hit the Buy Now button is to be certain that you can send your fabric back to the store for a refund or exchange if it doesn’t turn out to be what you need.

You may run into defective products or be sent the wrong item, so you must be sure that if anything like this happens, you are well-placed to sort the issue out quickly without incurring huge expenses or dealing with months of trying to chase up a refund or exchange.

Compare Prices and Shipping Options

Consider the shipping options and estimated delivery times to choose the most suitable choice for your needs. Comparing prices between online fabric stores ensures you get the best value. Take note of additional costs, such as shipping fees or taxes, that may affect the final price.

Start with Small Orders

It’s smart to do a small test order if you are not 100% sure you are connecting with a reputable supplier. This allows you to check delivery times and test the quality of the products they supply.

Starting with a small order reduces the risk to your wallet, and it will allow you to familiarise yourself with the process and your ability to navigate online measurements, fabric types and colours.

All Sewn Up!

Purchasing your fabric NZ-wide online opens up your range of options enormously. While it may take a little time to get used to the idea that you can’t touch the fabric before you buy it, using our tip to order samples is a good way to get around this.

Following these essential points, you can confidently navigate the online fabric shopping experience and make informed decisions about the fabrics you choose for your sewing projects without getting stitched up by disreputable sellers! 

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will soon be ready to turn your online fabric purchases into fabulous creations on your sewing machine.

Get in touch if you need further help with online fabric ordering - and happy fabric shopping!

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