Merino Wool Fabric is widely regarded as one of the best quality materials around today thanks to its superior features such as lightweight comfort alongside insulation properties that keep users warm regardless of weather conditions; this makes it a preferred choice for fashion enthusiasts, crafters and outdoor lovers alike. With Merinos' soft texture that is rare in typical wool alternatives - the attributes of Merino are highly versatile making it ideal for a range of applications such as activewear and clothing items. If you're currently in New Zealand we have great news! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring merino wool fabric benefits – plus share some useful tips on how to perfect your sewing technique to achieve great results.

The benefits of merino wool fabric

  • For starters merino wool fabric feels incredibly soft and gentle against the skin, making it a dreamy fabric to wear.
  • The unique structure of merino wool fibers is also amazing in regulating temperature. It keeps you warm in cooler conditions and cool in the warmer weather. 
  • Merino wool fabric also has natural breathability, allowing air to circulate and prevent overheating.
  • Thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties, merino wool fabric also does really well when odor is concerned and keeps you fresh even during extended wear.
  • Merino wool fabric is also relatively easy to care for, as it resists wrinkles and retains its shape well.

Where to Buy Merino Wool Fabric in NZ and the Cost:

Welcome to The Fabric Shop- Your one stop shop for top grade Merino Wool Fabrics in New Zealand! As a reputed retailer based in Auckland. We are proud to offer an impressive lineup of Merino Wool Fabrics available in store as well as online- perfect for any upcoming projects you may have! Whether its varied, colours or weights or unique blends- our diverse collection caters to all preferences suiting any sewing needs! While the cost fluctuates depending upon the quality & weight factors found within this premium material rest assured that our prices start from as low as $24 per meter.

Useful tips here to make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Always remember to pre-wash your merino wool fabric. This removes any residual shrinkage and allows you to stitch more accurately.
  • When sewing with merino wool, opt for a ballpoint or stretch needle to prevent damaging or breaking the delicate fibers.
  • Using a walking foot is also a good idea as it can help prevent stretching and distortion of the fabric while sewing. This again helps achieve a more accurate stitching.
  • Before starting your project, test stitches and tension on a scrap piece of fabric to see how the results are. After all, practice makes perfect! 

To wrap up, merino wool fabric is a true gem in the world of textiles, offering remarkable softness, warmth, and versatility.  If you're on the hunt for quality merino wool fabric in New Zealand, we have a great selection at The Fabric Shop. Shop online or in-store and start your merino wool fabric journey today!  

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