With Y2K style making a resurgence in the fashion industry, sequins are once again enjoying their day in the sun! From the 2023 Oscars to New York Fashion Week, sequins are back in style in a big way.

Whether you’re a hobby sewer or a working designer, that means having access to great sequin material in NZ is essential. At The Fabric Shop, we source our fabric straight from the stock markets, which allows us to offer the latest in fashion trends straight from the runway to you.

As we’ve always got our finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, today, we’re bringing you the latest sequin trends for 2023 so you can stay ahead of the curve.

 The 90s Are Back in a Big Way

The cycle of fashion continues to turn, bringing what used to be outdated back into vogue. From chunky bracelets to midriff-baring jeans, the nineties street style has been a big part of the fashion scene for the past few years. So, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing new iterations of this turn up on the red carpet. This iconic style has now firmly made its way into the upper echelons of the fashion world with one of its most iconic features: sequins.

Trendsetters like Kate Hudson, Salma Hayek, and Jamie Lee Curtis all brought the glitter to the red carpet earlier this year at the 2023 Oscars. With plunging cowl-necked gowns and sheer base fabrics, they out-blinged all the other attendees.

The Style Takeaway: Experiment with sequins and sparkle on a Y2K-style silhouette. Cowl necks, straight cuts, and mid-calf lengths are back and ready to shine.  

Shine Baby, Shine (in the Daytime)

Glitter and sequins have often been the decoration of choice after hours, giving wearers their chance to shine with neon light in the dark of the evening. But the spring 2023 season saw a big pivot that brought sequins into the sunlight.

Sequins as daywear is a strong statement. As designers like Piccioli at New York Fashion Week can attest, the secret to pulling off sequins before 8 p.m. is a little unexpected: keep it simple.

Statement fabrics like glitter, full-on embroidery, and sequin materials are already show-stoppers. Going maximalist with your construction can overwhelm for a daytime look. Even glamorous accessories aren’t necessary when your garment can provide its own shine.

The Style Takeaway: Lean into summery colours and simple silhouettes, and let the sequins do the hard work for you. Walking the line between maximalism and minimalism will put you ahead of the curve.

Soft Colours for Sequins

As Miranda Priestley of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ fame may say, “Pastels for spring. Groundbreaking”.

Luckily, the addition of sequins to a pastel colour palette is putting a new and exciting twist on a classic spring choice. Specifically, pale pinks, nudes, and pastels are gaining popularity to pair with some high-octane sequins.

Against the backdrop of the long-anticipated Barbie movie release, Y2K fashion trends, and the changing of the seasons, this is just the thing your wardrobe needs to add a little bit of spice. While the seasons may be turning to summer here in Aotearoa, these warmer tones are the perfect pair for warmer seasons.

The Style Takeaway: Shop sequin material in NZ that echoes spring and summer colours. Candyfloss pinks, pastels, nudes, greens, and even blues are making themselves known on the main stage.

Soften that Silhouette

Flowing shapes, draping gowns, and soft-shade tailoring are all big parts of this year’s fashion trends. Bring that style to your wardrobe by leaning into softer, slouchier silhouettes that hint at your shape without giving the game away.

Accent pieces with sequins bring those shapes to life, adding a pop of unexpected glitter that’s a welcome addition to the calm, drifting garments we’re seeing on runways around the world.

The Style Takeaway: Design for flowy, loose shapes. Keep to soft-shade tailoring and oversized pieces, but add a twist with a sequined piece to break it up and keep things interesting.

With all these trends to work through, it’s easy to get caught up in what you ‘should’ do. But remember, fashion is ultimately about giving voice to your style. Use these ideas as a springboard and make your own statement with your wardrobe to propel the ever-changing style cycle into the new year.

And whenever you need the fabric to realise your vision, the team at The Fabric Shop is ready to help.

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